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Why Is Poduct Packaging A Critical Factor For The Success Of Your Brand?

Packaging is often overlooked by brands. But it plays a vital role in creating and sustaining brand identity, as well as protecting products. And we know something about packaging: It makes a difference to us. When we see an attractive product with a high-quality box or package, we find its value easily recognizable. 

All these reasons are why product packaging is important for a brand’s success. If you’re unsure of what direction to take with your packaging, consider Prvisa Technology’s product packaging services in nagpur – we can create custom-sized packaging, construct inserts to fit your products, and even artwork to showcase your products and help your brand grow.


1. Strengthening brand identity with packaging

Packaging is a natural part of any brand’s marketing strategy. On average, it takes 5-7 impressions for a consumer to develop brand awareness. As such, incorporating your logo and unique brand guidelines (e.g. colors, fonts) into your paper box packaging design is important to make your brand and its products more recognizable.
Consistent branding is a powerful tool for driving revenue. Color in particular has been shown to increase brand recognition by up to 80%, creating a more memorable impression for potential customers that makes your business stand out from the competition.
Luxury brands like TWG often use rigid boxes in conjunction with dark colors and metallic accents to reinforce their high-end image and their products’ perceived value.

2. A good package attracts customers

To catch a customer’s eye and get them in the door, you need to create something that’s memorable. Showcasing your product in a way that makes it stand out is a good place to start.
Effective product packaging design can help you stand out from your competitors and make your products more memorable. Panasonic’s RP-HJE 130 earbuds are a great example of a clean, simple design that helps people remember it. Without the simplicity being purely aesthetic, this design also is low cost; according to WIRED, it only costs $15 to produce. Also, as its name suggests, it sounds great too!

3. The packaging provides functionality

Packaging must be functional, not just because it’s a nice form and can look great on the shelf, but because the package must protect products in transit and store shelves.
For paper box packaging, durability is the most important feature. The product should be protected from shock and weather conditions. Packaging can also protect consumer products from damage during shipping, handling, assembly, and storage.
For , Prvisa Technology constructed custom box inserts to secure and present items within the box, and added thumb notches where necessary so the products can be easily removed.

4. Messages are communicated by packaging

In addition to strengthening brand image and being creative, packaging should present pertinent information clearly, such as the purpose of the product, why it’s worth buying, and what it contains.
The importance of packaging cannot be overstated. As consumers, we judged a product by its packaging before anything else. And good packaging design is able to convey a brand’s values, which can be crucial for attracting and retaining customers. According to the Harvard Business View , shared values was the main reason for having a brand relationship 64% of the time. In the case of Magic Spoon Cereal, the bright colors and sleek font make it seem fun while still being informative so that you know what’s inside is actually good for you. This type of packaging design not only offers consumers fun without sacrificing nutrition – but also presents it in an aesthetic context that is both simple and recognizable as high quality.

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